Cosmetic Dermatology

Address All Your Aesthetic Skin Concerns at Dr. Naomi Brooks' Boise, ID, Practice

Along with medical dermatology, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Naomi Brooks addresses any and all patient concerns related to cosmetic dermatology at her Boise, ID, practice. Patients have a range of innovative and effective aesthetic treatment options available to them for concerns related to aging, UV damage, and other cosmetic skin concerns on the face and body.

Some of the treatments available at Dr. Brooks' cosmetic dermatology practice include:

Boise Dermatology also stocks a curated range of effective skin care products that are physician-grade, clinically tested and approved, and suitable for a variety of skin types. Dr. Brooks can guide you through which products may be best suited for you.

If you would like to address a particular aesthetic concern, or are looking for guidance on an appropriate, tailored skin care regimen, request a consultation at Boise Dermatology by contacting us online or by phone at 208.888.0660.