How KYBELLA Can Change Your Life

A treatment that has gained a cult following (for good reason) and sky-rocketed in popularity, KYBELLA has revolutionized the beauty game.

The dreaded “double chin” is something no one ever wants to see. The appearance of extraneous fat in the submental area can plummet the confidence of even the most positive person.

Luckily there’s KYBELLA.

A treatment that has gained a cult following (for good reason) and sky-rocketed in popularity, KYBELLA has revolutionized the beauty game.

To start, let’s get into what a double chin is: The extra fullness beneath the chin is something that can develop over time with life changes like weight gain and aging, but can also be something that you’ve had your whole life due to genetics. This means all of the exercise and dieting in the world don’t necessarily translate into tangible results when it comes to losing below-the-chin fat.

Still, don’t panic! No matter the cause of your double chin, KYBELLA can address it safely and non-surgically.

KYBELLA, at its core, is an injection administered to the affected area. The main ingredient — deoxycholic acid — is a naturally occurring molecule that helps with the breakdown and absorption of dietary fats within the body. KYBELLA recreates a synthetic version of the molecule that is administered to the double chin area, which then breaks down and destroys the offending fat cells.

The treated cells are converted into waste and washed away by your lymph system, and metabolized. This means that your body naturally processes and eliminates the “waste” the way it would anything else.

It’s important to note that once a fat cell is destroyed, it is permanently gone, meaning that once you reach your desired aesthetic, further treatment isn’t necessary.

The number of treatments itself will differ from person to person, but expect each treatment to take around twenty minutes, wherein multiple injections will be given in the submental area. Since the molecule is destroying the fat cells, expect to feel some discomfort. Following the procedure, you may be bruised and swollen, but don’t worry once the swelling subsides, the changes begin!

After we determine an aesthetic plan, your treatments will be spaced four weeks apart. Most patients need only a few sessions; in fact, the distributor, Allergan, shows that 59% of patients were able to achieve desired results in six sessions. Once you’ve begun your sessions, the results will begin to show in twelve weeks, with peak results showing their face (pun intended) at the six-month post-procedure mark.

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