Medical Dermatology

Receive Education, Evaluation, and Treatment for a Range of Skin Concerns at Boise Dermatology

Dr. Naomi Brooks is an experienced and accomplished board-certified dermatologist. She practices medical dermatology at her Boise, ID location, and works to educate, diagnose, and provide comprehensive treatment for a variety of skin-related concerns.

Medical dermatology is focused on the evaluation and treatment of lesions and rashes on the skin, hair, and nails. At Boise Dermatology, Dr. Brooks provides up-to-date information about not just immediate treatment, but also the long-term maintenance and improvement of your skin's health.

Some of the conditions Dr. Brooks treats at her medical dermatology practice include:

During a medical dermatology consultation, Dr. Brooks listens to any particular concerns you may come in with. She may ask about details such as your current health, skin care practices and daily routine, and personal and family history.

After this, a thorough skin examination (aided by bright light and a dermatoscope) will be performed all over your body, noting your skin profile and checking for any abnormal lesions. Based on your needs, concerns, and personal preferences, Dr. Brooks will determine an appropriate treatment protocol for you.

To book a consultation with Dr. Brooks, contact Boise Dermatology online or by phone at 208.888.0660.